I Gave Up

I Gave Up

The past 8 plus months have been the craziest months I have had to put up with. This is because of a lot of things; getting into full-time radio (at least the first half of the year) while at the same time making decisions to go back to school, reviving my media company and maintaining this blog.

Honestly, I for once was convinced that I could just bank everything and focus on radio completely; which I did since 2018 September after leaving UNZA Radio to join DC Talk Radio a few months later. To the fact that I was privileged to be a vital part of this game-changing radio station, I had to put in my sweat and blood each and every day; neglecting everything else just focusing on my radio career.

But along the way, I lost myself in the process instead of becoming better I forgot why I started any of it in the first place and what made me start any of it at all. Before I came to be this active blogger I was just an artist, model, a photographer and radio presenter who just realized why it was so important to tell other peoples stories to the world so when I no longer had the other part of me that made me the total package, I created an imbalance and had to refocus.

Fast forward to date I had to remind myself what its like to talk about people doing something out there and the implications of not doing so. . . Believe me at some point I gave up blogging completely but my passion for talking about positive change couldn’t let me sleep at night; not at all guys I even had to let go of my old team (story for another day).

And with that. . . Am looking for people passionate about positive change. . .if you know that your dreams cant let you go back to bed am talking about you. . . Email info@theeuprisingblog.com for details.

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