Lets Run away Together

Lets Run away Together

There are some boundaries we set for ourselves not to cross; or is it just me? Am I the only one who feels they are going beyond the set boundaries when they do something they promised themselves not to?
Wow. . . Okay. . . Hi. .how are you doing. . . My name is Mayja. . . And am not your friend. . . I thought you used to draw these personal lines too. . . Anyways. . . Lets talk about this. . . Shall we?
Have you ever been in a beautiful place in life where you just wish you could stay there forever, but deep down your heart you know its a non starter? I mean, we all wish we could make that hotel room experience permanent right? Room service. . . (Though I find it irritating) . . . Having overpriced dinner just because you can’t afford to make time to cook; but have the money to pay for the meal :). I know. . . Am such a spoiler of great moments nha. . .
Here is the thing, that perfectly comfortable place is not a place to stay forever, instead its a place to help you refocus because your mind is in one place. It is not stressed, not overthinking or worrying about life; similar to a night club experience only without the heavy alcohol. You need such moments to reboot every now and then.

Yes, lets run away together, refocus, come back and when ever we lose it lets do it again till we dont.
The most important thing to do is pick the right person to run away with. . . Lets talk about that next time.
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