This Season

This Season

We are all so caught up in our own little bubbles to fix 2020 based on what we didn’t manage in 2019 and to comfort ourselves we have been sharing what we are leaving behind in 2019. Yes, that’s cliché and it shows how much we don’t even want to grow because our words don’t match our intentions at all.

Woza 2020. . . Am certain this post might hurt your feelings and I have no apologies for that. . . It hurt mine just getting to think about how much I have been missing the mark lately and was going to be doing it year after year if I was not going to look into some of these resolution habits we have.

Firstly, changing figures on a calendar doesn’t mean things will mysteriously change on their own. You can tell yourself you want a new or better paying job in 2020 but you are not building on your skills; the job you have based on your skill set is the best you can get.

Secondly, there was no massive load-shedding in 2015 and working overnight any day could function while in 2019 that couldn’t work; in short move with the times, just because it worked in the past it doesn’t mean that it will work forever.

And lastly, be honest with yourself and stop looking at what other people say or think about your goals and plans. Yes, you can move back to your parent’s house because things are rough out there for you. Yes, you can start that “not so fancy” business and make you some money. Yes, you can go ahead and do something great as long as it sits well with your soul and with God chapwa. . . Your family that truly cares will definitely understand and help you with whatever plan you are making.

You cant be the only one attending singles seminars and conferences yet you never practice what you learn at all. Change the trend for your life this time; do something different. Happy New year

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