This Season

This Season

We are all so caught up in our own little bubbles to fix 2020 based on what we didn’t manage in 2019 and to comfort ourselves we have been sharing what we are leaving behind in 2019. Yes, that’s cliché and it shows how much we don’t even want to grow because our words don’t match our intentions at all.

Woza 2020. . . Am certain this post might hurt your feelings and I have no apologies for that. . . It hurt mine just getting to think about how much I have been missing the mark lately and was going to be doing it year after year if I was not going to look into some of these resolution habits we have.

Firstly, changing figures on a calendar doesn’t mean things will mysteriously change on their own. You can tell yourself you want a new or better paying job in 2020 but you are not building on your skills; the job you have based on your skill set is the best you can get.

Secondly, there was no massive load-shedding in 2015 and working overnight any day could function while in 2019 that couldn’t work; in short move with the times, just because it worked in the past it doesn’t mean that it will work forever.

And lastly, be honest with yourself and stop looking at what other people say or think about your goals and plans. Yes, you can move back to your parent’s house because things are rough out there for you. Yes, you can start that “not so fancy” business and make you some money. Yes, you can go ahead and do something great as long as it sits well with your soul and with God chapwa. . . Your family that truly cares will definitely understand and help you with whatever plan you are making.

You cant be the only one attending singles seminars and conferences yet you never practice what you learn at all. Change the trend for your life this time; do something different. Happy New year

Lets Run away Together

Lets Run away Together

There are some boundaries we set for ourselves not to cross; or is it just me? Am I the only one who feels they are going beyond the set boundaries when they do something they promised themselves not to?
Wow. . . Okay. . . Hi. .how are you doing. . . My name is Mayja. . . And am not your friend. . . I thought you used to draw these personal lines too. . . Anyways. . . Lets talk about this. . . Shall we?
Have you ever been in a beautiful place in life where you just wish you could stay there forever, but deep down your heart you know its a non starter? I mean, we all wish we could make that hotel room experience permanent right? Room service. . . (Though I find it irritating) . . . Having overpriced dinner just because you can’t afford to make time to cook; but have the money to pay for the meal :). I know. . . Am such a spoiler of great moments nha. . .
Here is the thing, that perfectly comfortable place is not a place to stay forever, instead its a place to help you refocus because your mind is in one place. It is not stressed, not overthinking or worrying about life; similar to a night club experience only without the heavy alcohol. You need such moments to reboot every now and then.

Yes, lets run away together, refocus, come back and when ever we lose it lets do it again till we dont.
The most important thing to do is pick the right person to run away with. . . Lets talk about that next time.
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I Gave Up

I Gave Up

The past 8 plus months have been the craziest months I have had to put up with. This is because of a lot of things; getting into full-time radio (at least the first half of the year) while at the same time making decisions to go back to school, reviving my media company and maintaining this blog.

Honestly, I for once was convinced that I could just bank everything and focus on radio completely; which I did since 2018 September after leaving UNZA Radio to join DC Talk Radio a few months later. To the fact that I was privileged to be a vital part of this game-changing radio station, I had to put in my sweat and blood each and every day; neglecting everything else just focusing on my radio career.

But along the way, I lost myself in the process instead of becoming better I forgot why I started any of it in the first place and what made me start any of it at all. Before I came to be this active blogger I was just an artist, model, a photographer and radio presenter who just realized why it was so important to tell other peoples stories to the world so when I no longer had the other part of me that made me the total package, I created an imbalance and had to refocus.

Fast forward to date I had to remind myself what its like to talk about people doing something out there and the implications of not doing so. . . Believe me at some point I gave up blogging completely but my passion for talking about positive change couldn’t let me sleep at night; not at all guys I even had to let go of my old team (story for another day).

And with that. . . Am looking for people passionate about positive change. . .if you know that your dreams cant let you go back to bed am talking about you. . . Email for details.

New Wave – New History

New Wave – New History

I have never been a fun of new wave music; well outa ignorance I actually am a huge fan I just didnt know it. Allow me to reintroduce myself beyond my new wave bias, hi, am Maxwell ‘Mayja’ Moono, a blogger (obviously), photographer (I mean why not take your own pictures when you go for a fire event) and Media Personality (well, am a radio presenter, DJ, Artist, producer and a whole lot of other yada yadas that can fill up 3 pages so lets just say am a Media Entrepreneur yeah? awesome).

Now that you know why I can talk about this, lets get right to it;

ZedArts; a Zambia based record label (is it really a record label or music studio? we should ask the CEO properly) did something that has never been done in the history of Zambian music, they gave us an all new school event with most happening new wave artists and a female headliner. Among the acts included Musa tha Creator, Bek Zela, Kunkeyani the Jedi and of course the Princess herself Natasha Chansa.

Lets rate the event based on the following; time management, turn out from people, stage management, supporting performances and main act all from a scale of 1-5

Jedi performing at Zedarts Live-The New Wave

Time Management

The event was scheduled to start at 18:00hrs, unfortunately it was starting past 19:00hrs; technically speaking thats too early for Zambian time which means they were an hour early with the timing.

Rating: 4

The MC at ZedArts Live – The New Wave

Turnout from people

The turn out was beautiful, people really came out in numbers and seeing that this was a first official event; bravo.

Rating: 4

ZedArts CEO Bwalia Nkumbula during Zedarts Live-The New Wave

Stage management

Ummmm so because I went there on time, left an hour later then came back the next hour, I only saw the MC twice on stage and am sorry he could have done better. He was highly underdressed, didnt hear any joke and was playing ninja (kept on disappearing). I honestly think Bwalia should have MCed this event herself.

Rating: 1

Bek Zela performing during Zedarts Live-The New Wave

Supporting performances

The 2 and a half acts I saw perform really brought their A game; Jedi brought out a DJ and an Extra drummer to make playback sound more live, Bek Zela also brought his bars and articulate flow right before Natasha Chansa’s set. Though Jedis hype would have been more impactful right before the main set.

Rating: 4

Natasha Chansa vibing with her crowd

Main Act

First of all Natasha Chansa is an amazing singer she can literally calm storms with her voice; we all cant wait for your next single mwana wamfumu. Her outfit was on point, her band also did wonders and her mic handling obviously got the sound engineer to fall in love already (Artists I hope you were humble enough to take notes), then she just decided to; 1. Not use the stage (Natasha is short), stepping off stage doesn’t help those with a similar height. 2. Facing one side of the audience; the temptations are always high to want to perform at the side giving you the needed hype, but remember the whole crowd is yours, already they all hate sharing you and giving one side your back is just. . . .no. . . Don’t do it. 3. Didn’t give needed shout outs; maybe am being tough on her but should have thanked her friends and family for coming through, mention particular artists for showing up and alike. This shows that you are grateful and appreciative.

Rating: 2

Overall Rating: 3

* Would definitely attend another ZedArts event and definitely bring a friend.

Natasha Chansa and her Band after the ZedArts Live- The New Wave

Beyond all the above ratings, I had an amazing time and A huge shout out for that history in the making moment you gave us. Les do this again soon. . .

*All images courtesy of Coolville Media*

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are honest opinions based on proffessional advice. Do not take them lightly.

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